Case Studies


Microsoft’s One Commercial Partner Organization had collected 5 years of partner utilization data via their Dynamics Learning platform (DLP). This data held key insights that could be leveraged to help partners create better learning plans for partner resources and help surface the best courses individuals should take to advance their ability to successfully implement Microsoft’s Dynamic family f products.


GM wanted to improve the way they designed and built Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) for In-Vehicle-Infotainment system.

The legacy process included the drafting of an over 1000 page specification that was sent to multiple suppliers for different world-wide markets. This process led to higher costs as well as usability and quality problems.


Stanford needed a design and development partner that could assist them in creating new solutions that service their students and employees. Existing systems were perceived as hard to use, with information difficult to find. The goal was to make these systems more accessible both on the web and via mobile and tablet devices to serve this highly mobile audience.


Amazon needed an integration partner that could work at the pace they work. We worked with them to improve their HR systems and processes, simplifying their onboarding processes and rolling out systems across their facilities around the world. These initiatives help Amazon hire, onboard and retain a workforce that can drive their growth.